There's No smoke and Mirrors here. You bring loyalty, you get royalty.

SirCoupon is a Loyalty reward platform that serves retailers globally. SirCoupon doesn’t require a user to download anything on their smartphone, and promises to keep brands top of mind while rewarding participants with points and prizes for all aspects of engagement and continued business with a particular merchant.


We provide a technology that no other loyalty platform provides.We expand your reach without you sacrificing control & provide the best platform for increasing customer loyalty and engagement.


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SirCoupon lets your customers receive coupons and share them with friends via their cellphone. We help retailers build relationships with  their customers via product infostreams and give retailers control over their coupons & build brand awareness.

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SirCoupon allows you to collect

individual preferences and

Instantaneously pair

those preferences with mobile

“nurture tracks” that are

optimized to increase message

personalization, engagement and

encourage additional

upsell / cross-sell

“Mobile is social. Let's treat it that way by rewarding customers for sharing their mobile coupons!"